Happy Holidays! Christmas Break (no classes) from Mon. Dec. 22, 2014 - Mon. Jan. 5th, 2015. Rock Garden Climbing Wall is open!
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Fernie Climbing Wall - The Rock Garden at Evolution

Climbing is a playful challenge that requires a perfect balance of strength, flexibility and dynamic power; in addition to mental focus and spontaneous problem solving. 

Our creative 3-dimensional indoor climbing wall simulates natural rock producing unique obstacles that will have you performing gravity-defying movements! 

3 ways to climb:

Bouldering – Steep, short routes that are low enough to the ground that a harness and rope aren't required.  Big crash mats create a safe landing in the event of an unexpected fall.

Top Rope – Climbing rope is already secured to the top of the route before you climb ensuring a safe and controlled ascent up high walls.  Partner climbing is required and climbing equipment is utilized.  You must successful pass a Belay Test before use.

Lead Climbing - Lead climbs are suited for advanced climbers who successfully pass a Belay Test.  During lead climbing the first climber up puts the rope through attached anchor points as they ascend to the top of the climb.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
*Family Climb Time
2:00 - 4:00pm
Resumes Oct. 5th
*1st Sunday of every month



Preschool Climbing - Sign up now!

No School Fridays
Kids' Climbing
Sign up now!

Open Climbing
Anyone is welcome to use the climbing wall for bouldering ONLY if they have already signed a waiver for the climbing wall. You are also welcome to top rope climb IF you have signed a waiver AND passed a belay test at this location.

Belay Tests
Available by request climb@evolutionhealth.ca or 778-519-0088. There is a one-time charge of $10 for belay tests (cash or cheque only).

Family Climb Time
is back October 5th, 2014! The 1st Sunday of every month the climbing wall closes to the rest of the public to allow for kids and parents to enjoy some climbing together! There will be a certified staff on hand to help belay, set up ropes and play games if space allows.

$12 for a family of four, extra $2 for each additional child (cash or cheque only), this includes use of harnesses and shoes (**we still recommend that you bring runners for your children in case they don't want to wear climbing gear).

Ladies Climbing Nights
Resumes in October! Come join us Monday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00pm for some fun casual climbing. No experience required, just your enthusiasm to get out there. If you have gear bring it along, otherwise we can help set you up.

Birthday Parties and Wall Rental
Come celebrate in a fun and energetic way. We provide 1 - 2 instructors to lead a crowd of up to 12 participants in games and top rope climbing. We can also provide a space and time to enjoy some refreshments afterwards (refreshments not included). For booking e-mail: climb@evolutionhealth.ca or call 778-519-0088.

Private Climbing Lessons
Come in for a one on one session and learn everything you will need to know to pass a belay test. This includes 2 lessons with a certified instructor plus practice time. $50/person (cash or cheque only), this includes a belay test plus equipment rental.
To book e-mail climb@evolutionhealth.ca or call 778-519-0088.

No School Fridays Kids Climbing - Ready to Go!
My apologies for the delay, with school back in and confirmation of the regular schedule Climbing is now back on! Begins 9:30 - 11:00am with a potential for a second class.

Preschool Climbing - Sign up now!
Let the little ones give climbing a try! This 1 hour activity gives kids an outlet to hang, swing, jump, climb and learn through playing about this great sport. Class runs once a week every Thursday from 9:15 - 10:15am for 4 weeks $30/child. Next session beginning October 2nd, 2014.